Center for Organizing

Colorado educators are coming together to strengthen public education. We do this by building power at both the state and local levels. Building power means we work to elect public officials who believe in access to a great education for all students, regardless of their zip code. Building power means we, as educators, are the experts when it comes to making sure every school in Colorado meets the needs of its students and the community it serves. Building power means we take action to ensure that education experts are at the heart of every important academic decision. Building power means that educators are the strongest advocates for our kids. We know they are our future. Through our state association’s Center for Organizing, we are organizing for the Schools Our Students Deserve.

Colorado educators are coming together to strengthen public education by raising our voices in unison as one loud, powerful voice. Together we are able to advocate for opportunity, student success and quality in every public
Beach Court Elementary, Denver
Together we are using a variety of different strategies and activities developed in collaboration with community partners and parent groups to advocate for student-centered reforms that benefit the whole community.
Keeping our membership and Colorado communities aware of the Association's leadership role in helping every student thrive.

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