Center for Legal Services

CEA is the only public education employee organization in Colorado that provides comprehensive legal services for members for matters that involve their educational employment activities.

Our Association provides legal representation for our members for matters that arise out of the scope and course of their employment. Our lawyers are experienced in the representation of civil rights violations, Federal Medical Leave Act violations, Americans with Disabilities Act claims, breach of contract and other state law violations, dismissal actions, licensing actions, unemployment hearing and criminal defense against criminal charges that arose out of the performance of duties that fall within the course and scope of educational employment activities. As part of their NEA dues, members receive Educators’ Employment Liability insurance.

Legal Assistance
If you need help with a job-related problem, it's not insurance you need. It's people.
Personal liability
Protection and assistance are absolutely critical in an education career - we have the people to go with the insurance
Attorney Refferal
Receive two free consultations on personal legal issues annually.
Court Cases
CEA will enforce Colorado laws in our court system to uphold the rights of school employees and their students.