CEA releases member voting recommendations for Election 2018

As the #RedForEd movement sweeps across the nation, educators are predicting a massive national turnout for candidates and ballot measures supporting students and public education in 2018. The Colorado Education Association is confident that its 35,000 members will have a huge impact on the election, building on the momentum of three Days of Action in April that drew more than 15,000 teachers and support staff to the State Capitol.

“Educators in Colorado are demanding better funding and support for our students. The state with one of the fastest growing economies in the country should not be shortchanging our students by $672 million in this school year,” stated CEA President Amie Baca-Oehlert, a high school counselor. “We have a tremendous opportunity before us to elect a governor and state legislators who want students to thrive in great public schools in every part of the state, who want to raise pay to reverse our crippling educator shortage, and who want to listen to educator voices and hear our ideas for giving our students the schools they deserve.”

Educators are energized by the prospect of passing Amendment 73, the school funding measure. The passing of Amendment 73 would raise $1.6 billion annually to provide equitable funding for all Colorado schools by asking those benefiting the most from Colorado’s growth—corporations and the wealthy—to contribute a little more.

“Strong public schools are the backbone of healthy communities. Amendment 73 will give schools the funding they desperately need so we can prepare our students to be good citizens and make positive contributions to society,” Baca-Oehlert added.

Colorado spends $2,800 less than the national average per student and has the least competitive teacher wages in the country. Approximately 92% of Coloradans would not see their tax bill increase under Amendment 73. The measure would give communities local control over additional school investments and fund full-day kindergarten for all students and support for special education programs and English language learners.

Educators are also leading the charge in many communities to pass bonds for school construction and repair, and mill levy overrides that communities typically use to improve security, maintenance and technology, and reduce class sizes so students receive more one-on-one attention with teachers.

For months bipartisan teams of CEA members interviewed candidates for public office and reviewed state and local ballot initiatives to give the membership an informed opinion on how educator votes can make a positive difference for their profession and for their students in federal, state and local elections. Baca-Oehlert encourages all CEA members to review the following recommendations formed by their colleagues and “vote for the candidates and issues that will make a difference for your students and for your profession.”

CEA Recommended Candidates & Issues, Election 2018

U.S. Representatives

Congressional District 1

Diana DeGette

Congressional District 2

Joe Neguse

Congressional District 3

Diane Mitsch Bush

Congressional District 4

Karen McCormick

Congressional District 6

Jason Crow

Congressional District 7

Ed Perlmutter


State Offices


Jared Polis


Dave Young

Secretary of State

Jena Griswold

Attorney General

Phil Weiser

State Board of Education, CD-2

Angelika Schroeder

State Board of Education, CD-4

Tim Krug

CU Regent, At-Large

Lesley Smith

CU Regent, CD-3

Alvin Rivera

CU Regent, CD-5

Dr. Tony Wolusky


Colorado Senate

Senate District  1

Debra Gustafson

Senate District  3

Leroy Garcia

Senate District  5

Kerry Donovan

Senate District  11

Pete Lee

Senate District  15

Rebecca Cranston

Senate District  16

Tammy Story

Senate District  20

Jessie Danielson

Senate District  22

Brittany Pettersen

Senate District  24

Faith Winter

  Senate District  32   Robert Rodriquez
  Senate District  34   Julie Gonzales


Colorado House

House District 1

Susan Lontine

House District 2

Alec Garnett

House District 3

Jeff Bridges

House District 4

Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez

House District 6

Chris Hansen

House District 8

Leslie Herod

House District 9

Emily Sirota

House District 10

Edie Hooton

House District 11

Jonathan Singer

House District 12

Sonya Lewis

House District 13

K.C. Becker

House District 17

Tony Exum, Sr.

House District 18

Mark Snyder

House District 20

Kent Jarnig

House District 21

Liz Rosenbaum

House District 22

Todd Kastetter

House District 23

Chris Kennedy

House District 24

Monica Duran

House District 25

Lisa Cutter

House District 26

Dylan Roberts

House District 27

Brianna Titone

House District 28

Kerry Tipper

House District 29

Tracy Kraft-Tharp

House District 30

Dafna Michaelson Jenet

House District 31

Yadira Caraveo

House District 32

Adrienne Benavidez

House District 33

Matt Gray

  House District 34   Kyle Mullica

House District 35

Shannon Bird

House District 36

Mike Weissman

House District 37

Tom Sullivan

House District 38

Chris Kolker

House District 40

Janet Buckner

  House District 41   Jovan Melton

House District 42

Dominique Jackson

House District 46

Daneya Esgar

House District 47

Bri Buentello

House District 50

Rochelle Galindo

House District 52

Joann Ginal

House District 53

Jeni Arndt

House District 56

Dave Rose

House District 59

Barbara McLachlan

House District 61

Julie McCluskie

House District 62

Donald Valdez


Statewide Ballot Issues

Amendment 73 – Great Schools, Thriving Communities


  Amendment 74 – Just Compensation   Oppose
  Proposition 109 - Fix Our Damn Roads   Oppose
  Proposition 111 - Payday Loans   Support

Amendment Y - Congressional Redistricting


Amendment Z - Legislative Redistricting


  Amendment A – Prohibiting Slavery and Involuntary Servitude   Support


Local Mill Levy Override and Bond Campaigns

Adams 12 - Adams 12 CAN for Kids


Aurora - Aurora Citizens for Excellent Schools


Clear Creek Co. - Friends of the Clear Creek School District


Eaton – Investing in Our Children


Jefferson Co. - We Are JEFFCO


Lamar - Friends of Lamar Public Schools


Lewis Palmer - Strong D38 Community


Littleton - Citizens for Littleton Public Schools


Sheridan - Citizens for Sheridan Students First


Thompson Valley - Vote Yes for Thompson Students


Trinidad - Trinidad for Children


Westminster - Residents for the Advancement of WPS