Who we are:

K-12 Teacher Members
Colorado teachers and special service providers help children achieve academically and learn the skills they will need to be successful. Click on the title to learn more about teacher membership.
Education Support Professionals
Classified staff in our districts and schools take care of students every day in unique ways that educate the whole child. Click on the title to learn more on ESP membership.
Retired Educator Members
Retired Members may not go into our schools every day, but it doesn’t mean they've stopped caring for students and our profession. Click on the title to learn more about retired membership.
Student Members
Students studying to become teachers need support and resources to enter the classroom ready to reach, teach and inspire. Click on the title to learn more about student membership.

Our History

CEA Building History picture

Founded in 1875, CEA works collectively to provide the best public education for every student. We promote quality public education and advocate for the professional interests of public education employees. CEA has led statewide advocacy efforts in recent years to restore adequate funding to Colorado public schools and to emphasize time for learning and teaching in the classroom above excessive standardized testing. Click here to learn more about CEA

What we do:

CEA builds the capacity of our Association by mobilizing our membership to act collectively in best interest of Colorado students and professional educators; enhances collective bargaining and membership recruitment efforts; and continually engages our community partners through relational organizing.
CEA works collectively to advocate for school funding and common-sense education laws that improve student learning and professional practice.
CEA is the only public education employee organization in Colorado providing members comprehensive legal services for a wide range of employment matters, with personal assistance from attorneys trained and experienced in public education law and labor law.
CEA works collectively to improve professional practice in Colorado and deliver professional learning opportunities to our members.